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It's not too late for Senior Portraits

If you missed the school shoot for Senior Portraits, or you didn't like the options offered, we offer many styles of Senior Portraits from studio style to on-location indoor or outdoor to highlight the personality of the senior. In fact we offer this type of photography all year long so it's never too late or too early. 

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Coming Soon - Special Custom Photo Art Prints Made to Order!

Soon a Gallery of my Images offered for sale will be posted on the gallery. Return here often to keep posted on what's new, what will be offered an more!

Prices will vary, but an example of what to expect will be something like the following:

1) Choose the image you want, prices starting at $25 per image use. This is for the Image/Art itself. 

2) Choose the Print Medium you want. You will choose the print medium and size and will pay for the cost of having that image printed on the chosen medium. For example, if you choose an 11x14 Metal Print, your cost would be $25 + Cost of the metal print. If you chose a 4x6 paper print, your cost will be $25 + cost of the 4x6 paper print. Keep in mind, you are paying me for the art and paying the lab for them to print the image. This gives you some control over your total cost but allows both myself and the lab to earn the appropriate profit for the image and product you select.

3) When you purchase your image, it will be uploaded to one of my photo labs and you will be sent a private link to be able to login and purchase your print products and have them sent directly to you.

At an additional cost, we can offer to place the order for you insuring that the best options are used and we'll ship to you after we've inspected the product for highest quality control.

When you order the products yourself directly from our lab, you are only paying for the image once and may have at printed in as many sizes and mediums as you like until your link expires which is typically 60 days after your most recent order. Keep in mind, you are responsible for ALL printing and production costs as well as any tax and shipping costs and your Image cost must be paid in full before you will receive a special link. 

Another benefit of purchasing an image is in this manner as that you may be offered some limited free conversions such as, if the image is shown in color and you would like Black and White, or you would like a special crop size to go with many of the standard print sizes. Other conversions, captions or editing may be an additional charge.

This is all preliminary at this point, but please feel free to contact us from the main site if you would like more information now.